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Secure Data Exchange for Financial Services

Banks, insurance providers and other financial services institutions thrive when they can securely share transaction data. Having complete control over increasingly complex infrastructures and applications is imperative.

Globalscape’s managed file transfer solution, Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) helps keep data safe, while helping to maintain security and compliance for institutions of all sizes. EFT For Financial Services can boost your data management capabilities by helping to configure, deploy, and oversee policies from a central location. It also adds an additional layer of security by scanning files for viruses or proprietary information.

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EFT for Financial Services

EFT for Financial Services provides a robust and scalable platform to help you manage your file transfer infrastructures. EFT for Financial Services can be deployed across your enterprise providing one central hub for data infrastructure management, while helping to integrate or replace legacy or disparate systems. Organizations who have replaced a homegrown file transfer system with EFT can expect a 782% return on investment within three years of deployment.

EFT for Financial Services features:
  • Configure, deploy, and oversee data management policies from a central location
  • Multi-layered security approach to help meet or exceed security and compliance requirements
  • Advanced data workflow automation capabilities
  • Real-time visibility into data transfers

Benefits of EFT for Financial Services:


EFT for Financial Services helps financial services organisations deal with the most rigorous data, security, and compliance requirements set out by the FCA and PRA. The solution is used by thousands of banks, building societies, and other financial institutions worldwide.


EFT for Financial Services provides powerful data transfer automation capabilities for mission-critical data. Even for a small volume of transferred files, the number of steps needed to accomplish multiple file transfers daily can be very time consuming. With EFT for Financial Services, an IT administrator can set up file transfers to occur automatically. Thus ensuring efficiency, security, and compliance across an organization by establishing controlled, automated data transfer processes.


Organisations are subject to a number of regulations, especially those set out by the FCA and PRA. EFT for Financial Services helps financial organisations meet compliance and security mandates, with the addition of the High Security module for an enhanced layered security approach and the DMZ Gateway® to keep data from being stored outside the internal network. EFT for Financial Services provides automatically enforced policies, expiration of data access, purging of old data and records, and purging of inactive accounts—without the need for human intervention.


Compatibility between many different systems and applications is a key in any data management strategy. What’s more, your organisation may have outgrown a legacy or homegrown file transfer system. EFT for Financial Services is designed to help integrate disparate systems and applications, saving valuable time, reducing complexity and, most importantly, reducing human error, through EFT Connection Profiles and Event Rules.

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