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Secure access to all of your files wherever they are via any device

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scConnect™ is an on-premises file synchronization and sharing solution that gives enterprise users secure content mobility, providing the ability to share and access data anytime on any device, while giving IT the administrative oversight, control and security necessary to keep users and corporate assets safe.

Control Your Data, Control Your Network

Today’s workforce is mobile and needs a seamless connection to maintain productivity. Provide end users with a secure file, sync, and share solution without losing control of your network with scConnect.

  •   Get the security of your own private cloud without the dangers of cloud-sharing providers with an on-premises deployment
  •   Control your networked data with centralized administration for IT governance
  •   Share files from your own servers—not someone else's servers
  •   Eliminate the need for thumb drives, manual file transfers, or consumer cloud-based file sharing products
  •   Transfer and access files with secure encryption

More Secure than Cloud Services

File access and sharing in the enterprise doesn’t have to be insecure.

  •   Trust that the data you send is always safe because you own it - it’s your server and your trusted certificate
  •   Leverage your LDAP server, Active Directory, and verify each of the users in your enterprise with two-factor authentication
  •   Complete audit trails ensure compliance with industry, government, and regulatory standards
  •   scConnect mobile apps don’t have any local storage

Eliminate Storage Constraints

Size doesn't matter when you're sharing links instead of the actual file.

  •   Send large files via scConnect links without file size or bandwidth limitations
  •   No paying for additional cloud storage
  •   No need to store data on USBs, DVDs, or other portable media
  •   Increase available storage space by reducing the need for multiple file copies

Share and Access Your Data on Any Device

Allow users to share files and folders inside or outside your organization without having to log in to the VPN.

  •   Share any file or folder to internal users or groups, or externally
  •   Securely access and edit shared files from any folder on any device
  •   Share folders with “read only” or “editor” permissions to protect files from unwanted updates
  •   Give your employees the flexibility they need to access their information
  •   Native apps for Android and iOS designed with end user ease of use

Manage User Access

With scConnect, IT staff is mostly hands-off.

  •   Integrate with Active Directory/LDAP, conforming users and the data to established IT policies for data governance
  •   Enforce your Windows security for all access
  •   Manage user and group privileges in the scConnect interface
  •   Control which devices users can access, which permissions they have to files and folders, and with whom they can share
  •   Monitor users and devices in the comprehensive and granular dashboard for real-time, centralized user management and detailed audit trails

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