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Globalscape® Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) is an advanced, powerful managed file transfer (MFT) solution that replaces insecure legacy FTP servers, inflexible and haphazard homegrown file transfer systems, slow physical shipment of data, and expensive leased lines.

Managed File Transfer Software That Saves You Time and Money

EFT helps you boost operational efficiency. By combining a powerful server with an automated client, our managed file transfer software gives you the best of both managed file transfer software components all in one platform. This allows you to:

  •   Setup quickly and intuitively
  •   Automate file transfers, especially two-way transfers
  •   Reduce errors and points of failure
  •   Ensure compliance with stringent security legislation such as The Data Protection Act, avoiding potential fines and penalties enforceable by the ICO
  •   Reduce file transfer setup time by up to 80%

Meet or Exceed Data Transfer Compliance Mandates

EFT ensures the highest levels of compliance with government and corporate security policies and privacy regulations, such as PCI DSS, FIPS-140-2, DPD, and GDPR. Globalscape’s flexible platform is customizable with modules that meet your specific requirements. Whether your business is obligated to comply or you simply desire the utmost in security standards, EFT can help you secure data transfers, access, and storage.

Maximize Your Network Uptime

Achieve 99.999% uptime and meet crucial business SLAs with EFT Enterprise with High-Availability, Active-Active Clustering. EFT’s active-active deployment provides high availability (HA) using multiple EFT servers and a load balancer, for non-stop availability of your network. All of the nodes in an EFT active-active deployment are put to work in production—with no standby hardware, and no clustering software. Maximize your network uptime with active-active clustering and horizontal scalability.

More Control, Less Work

Data transfers at the center of many business-critical processes, and it’s up to the IT team to ensure not only that the transfers are secure, but also that transfers are simple to do, timely, and auditable. Ease the burden on your team by using the workflow management capabilities and auditing features of EFT, enabling IT to focus on high priority initiatives rather than daily maintenance, without losing control of the network.

A Modular Approach

EFT enables your organization to securely manage file transfers among worldwide offices, clients, and partners using industry-standard Internet protocols. With the EFT modular structure, you purchase just the functionality you need, making secure file transfer scalable and affordable.

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EFT Editions

EFT is available for businesses of all sizes. One of our editions is surely the right size for you:
  •   EFT Enterprise reliably and efficiently automates business processes, improves workflow management, and secures sensitive data transfers. EFT Enterprise provides two-factor authentication, easy installation and administration, and intuitive interfaces.
  •   EFT SMB allows you to manage file transfers securely among worldwide offices, clients, and partners. EFT SMB offers simplicity, top-notch security, and stability.
  •   EFT Cloud Services integrates the on-premises EFT platform with proven infrastructure from top hosting providers to deliver industry-leading cloud MFT capabilities through a secure and scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

The EFT platform also offers various additional modules that may be added to address specific functionality requirements. Modules may be added as options based on the EFT platform they are paired with.

Migrating From SMB to Enterprise
EFT can easily grow and adapt to your changing business needs. Migrating from EFT SMB to EFT Enterprise is simple, because the versions of EFT are built on the same platform.

Best-In-Class Training and Support

Globalscape’s Professional Services and Support teams have deep expertise in secure data exchange as well as identifying and solving our customers’ pain points, which is why our customer retention rate exceeds 90%. We offer a range of professional services, including:

We realize that one size doesn’t always fit all. This is why we’ve developed varying levels of technical support to ensure you receive the correct level of service.

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